is a fiction within a fiction;   a prominent plot element in Bellmeio,  a novel in development by writer/producer Geoffrey Holland.   

The website comes from the story's principle character; a fun-loving photographer of Italian descent, whose name is Paolo Bellmeio.  He's a Bon Vivant; a man who lives life zestfully,  sometimes as adventurer, risking all in the most dangerous places on Earth, other times as a sybarite, enjoying fame and fortune in the high end world of fashion and glamour photography.

Time is catching up with Bellmieo. As he transitions from middle to old age, he's grown ever more disturbed by global warming;  deforestation, overpopulation, and a whole range of other ugly trends shaping the direction of human society.  He sees the world in a tailspin.  He wants to be part of the solution, but he no longer has the stamina to fight on the front lines. His answer is to create a new internet presence - - featuring beautiful young models standing for the causes they care about.  The site is quirky. It's contentious. It's fun.

Bellmeio, the fictional raconteur,  sees his website as a lark; a bit of playfulness that could expand awareness and sensitivity among people not normally interested in issues of substance. Bellmieo has no illusions that he and his 'girls' will change the world. The big surprise  comes when goes viral, and  becomes a lightning rod for religious and political extremists.  The conflict mushrooms into a firestorm, reflecting the kind of mindless, over-the-top sensationalism that dominates the attention of the modern, corporate media. Bellmeio is comedy; it's romance: it's politically potent satire.




Paolo Bellmeio is a fiction. If he were a person, and this were his website, the following would be his  'Welcome Statement to site visitors'


I am Bellmeio. 

I've travelled to many places.  I've seen many things; many deeply distressing things...people suffering; oceans and landscapes being desecrated by human activity. We, who should be stewards of our planetary realm, instead focus on plunder   I have invested much of my life seeking ways to deliver this message. I've tried, but mostly, I've failed.

Greed and corruption dominate society.   Nature is overwhelmed.  Too many of our leaders are morally compromised. For ever more people, survival is the primary focus.  The fabric of life on Earth is being shredded and erased.  I see this. My friends see it. Many good people  see it.  Not enough.  Still so many, so very many, are nearsighted, and hostile to reasoned thinking.   I am pained to the core of my soul by this circumstance. 

Some consider me a success. I do not.   The ugly tide continues to surge...rolling in; gaining steam;  consuming all we know in the process.

I am not so far from being old.  Still, I must try to make a difference.   So...another approach. I try something fun...

I love women.  I have spent much of my life photographing them.  Women have a wonderful instinct to love, and nurture, and work cooperatively. features beautiful young women serving a greater good. They ask that you, the visitor,  listen to them; listen and hear what they have to say about the unprecedented challenges faced by humanity. is a tiny pebble in the ocean. It's not a big deal. Maybe it works a little; maybe not. I don't know...The world is going to hell. At least, my girls and me; we are trying.  If you disagree with what I'm doing; if you don't like what the girls have to say; too bad for you. When you are doing your part to make our world safe and livable for future generations, then, and only then, can you criticize.

You want to know what is about? See the girls. They'll tell you.